Computational Intelligence Laboratory

Activities in the Computational Intelligence Laboratory (LITC - Laboratório de Inteligência Computacional) are concentrated on fundamental issues and applications of Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and hybrid computational intelligence systems.

Our main interest is on Artificial Neural Networks supervised learning algorithms. Current research include multi-objective learning, transductive learning, least squares support vector machines, novelty detection and applications to many industrial problems.

The laboratory was created in 1996 and up to now has hosted dozens of students working on their PhD and Master Degree projects. At the moment, about 15 students work in the laboratory.

DELT - Departamento de Engenharia Eletrônica Campus da UFMG (Pampulha) - Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil CEP 31.270-901 Telephone: +55 31 3499 48699 Fax: +55 31 3499 4850 Email: apbraga at cpdee.ufmg.br